Daffodil Accounting

Elstree Studios, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Herts, WD6 1JG


Tel: 020 8324 2307 / 07958 062682


“Let's face facts.  Like many in TV, I consider myself a creative.   Give me a treatment to write, a script, a pitch, and I'm your boy.  Break out a  spreadsheet and I break out in a cold sweat.  Simone is the only accountant I have had (and she is number four!) that makes things easy to understand in a way that doesn't make me feel like an idiot. That's a neater trick than it seems.  I have modest tax bills and feel secure.  That's what we want isn't it?  The best I've met by some distance.”    Dave Winnan, Producer, Brave New Pictures Ltd.


"As somebody who works on the creative side of the film industry I've never been very good with numbers.  Before Simone was in my life I used to have nightmares about my tax and was drowning under a disorganised sea of receipts.  She has now helped me put a workable system in place that suits my chaotic lifestyle.  I run my own company and can rest easy knowing that my tax is in order.  No more sleepless nights about the tax man!  Thank you Simone."  Sally El Hosaini, Trouble & Desire Films Ltd.


For someone who finds it hard to understand all the HMRC jargon Simone is always there to explain everything in real terms.  It means it makes the whole tax process easier and less painful. Having a very friendly accountant that I feel I can trust is really important to me and something I greatly appreciate." Cally Haycox, Producer, Cally Haycox Productions Ltd.


“I have found Daffodil Accounting to be a highly efficient, very flexible, great value for money and friendly accountancy service”

Seb Cardinal - Comedian, Cardinal Burns


"I have been with Daffodil Accounting for a few years now and Simone and her team not only do my yearly accounts efficiently but also at a really reasonable rate. Being quite ignorant to how the system works Simone gives you quality time in explaining the progress on each accounts return and I trust them implicitly as they are very thorough in their process. I also highly recommend them to others looking for an accountant in the media industry "  Angela Murray, Production Manager, Angela Murray Ltd.


"Being a small business where most of my time goes on working out on location or in the studio I found Daffodil Accounting to be  life and money savers as they keep me straight by never missing a deadline and always keeping my interests in mind when calculating my taxes. Best of all is Simone's great attitude and patience when she explains my tax to me again year after year, or anytime I call or email with a pressing question... I couldn't recommend her enough!!  Ariel Sultan, Sultan Of Sound Ltd.


"I cannot recommend Daffodil Accounting enough, what I love is I email or phone Simone and I get an answer. No waiting days just straight honest answers. She will tell you where you are going right ... and wrong. Plus she explains it in a way I understand... "  Clodagh O'Donoghue, Producer, Pinky Productions Ltd.


“I find Daffodil Accounting Ltd. an excellent firm to deal with. They are always extremely approachable and any queries that I have had are dealt with promptly and with the minimum of fuss. I consider myself fortunate to have been introduced to the company.”  Robert Van Creveld, Owner, VC Diamond Ltd.